Monday, November 22, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Yes, she does have breasts

Although it's the sort of conversation held in pubs up and down the land, when Gordon publishes the discussion between Tinie Tempah and himself about Dolly Parton it just sounds really, really seedy:

"I love everything about Dolly Parton. She has got massive boobs."

She certainly has - massive 64-year-old boobs.

he admits if he did get the chance to pull her, he'd still grab it with both hands.

He said: "She almost became an indirect auntie of mine, which makes it creepy that I'd be willing to go there.

"It really didn't start as a lustful sort of thing."

Dolly must be used to blokes admiring her considerable assets.

And she'd be silly not to pair up with someone as talented as Tinie, even if he did spend most of the time staring at her chest.
Yes, Dolly Parton's chest is a comedy stand-by, but... Gordon, did you really read this before running it? I know this is The Sun, and - as Laurie Penny points out in an excellent piece in the New Statesman - it's a paper which can't tell the difference between 'a bit of a laugh' and 'objectification of women', but this is just creepy.

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