Monday, November 15, 2010

I collect, I reject: Wool offers

Wool FM is an interesting volunteer-run station in New England, and they're having a fund-raising drive. Much of it you'll have to go to America to take part in, but there's three lots which you can bit for online:

Original contact sheet from photo shoot for Throwing Muses album "House Tornado." Autographed by Kristin Hersh.

Original recording notes for song "Mania" by Throwing Muses. Track Sheet with notes in pencil. Hand-typed lyrics (on an actual typewriter) typed by Kristin Hersh, with production notes and doodles from Throwing Muses. c1988. Autographed by Kristin Hersh.

"Untitled," by Juliana Hatfield. Original painting, acrylic on canvas board, 9" X 12" 2009.
All three things would make an excellent gift for a discerning person, don't you think?