Monday, December 13, 2010

Gordon in the morning: The shine is going off JLS

You know you're being overexposed when even Gordon's slavish coverage starts to get waspish. JLS might want to think about taking some time off:

Speaking at yet another Nintendo Wii Mario Kart promotion in central London, Aston said: [...]
The amount of promotion the lads have done for Wii, they've got to have shares...
Even the photo caption is yawning and saying 'you again?':
Yet another promo ... JLS
It might only be twelve months after everybody else, but finally The Sun is catching the general disenchantment with the slim talent-to-appearances ratio.

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James said...

I think it's actually a clever marketing ploy. After another six months of enthusiastically endorsing every Nintendo product thrust at them (including the one that looks in the advert like Super Mario Self-Abuse), signing off every crappy-looking market-stall-quality sweatshirt/t-shirt/hoodie with their faces ironed onto the front and generally turning up at the opening of a sentence, they'll relaunch their prophylactic range with the line 'JLS Condoms; Look How Far We Stretch'.

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