Monday, January 24, 2011

Bookmarks - Internet stuff: Diddy

If you haven't yet, you really must read Grace Dent enjoying P Diddy's party going to cock:

As Diddy treated the crowd mean to keep them keen, arriving hours later than planned, his guests were already on Twitter bitching about him. "This is my vision of hell," chirped one poor soul. "The cloakroom queue is three hours long. I wanted to leave an hour ago." "Sober January is rubbish," mumbled another. "Everyone here is dull." Poor Diddy – basically he was Joyce in accounts who'd drawn the short straw of running the party committee. No one had a good word to say about him. Alarmingly Diddy's guestlist was being held to public scrutiny and found sorely wanting. "Shayne Ward, Calum Best and Meg Mathews, WTF? Where are the celebrities?" tweeted one person.