Monday, January 31, 2011

Gordon in the morning: In which Noel Gallagher comes off well

No Rock loves nothing more than discovering yet another layer of stupidity lingering in the beast which used to be Oasis, so it's something of a surprise whenever Noel does the right thing.

I'd be surprised if Liam did the right thing, too, but haven't yet had the opportunity to check on this. If it happens, I'll let you know.

So, Noel - embarking on his solo career - discovered someone else had registered ten years ago.

Yes, it's a bit odd that nobody in the Gallagher operation had spotted this before, but what might have been grounds for a nasty legal wrangle came to a more elegant end:

Noel took matters into his own hands last week. He paid for the Spaniard to fly to London, put him up in a plush hotel and met him in person to thunder out a deal.

And after some serious haggling, and a few Oasis anecdotes, the chancer changed his demands from tens of thousands of pounds - to some signed memorabilia and guest list action at Noel's next solo gigs.
I'm assuming the owner of the domain was a Noel Gallagher fan, and that the guest list places won't constitute cruel and unusual punishment.

Fair play to Noel - the traditional route for this sort of event involves lawyers and threats and misery and expense and ill-feeling. Yes, I'm starting the week praising Noel Gallagher's cool head. Blimey.

In other Oasis news:
Meanwhile, The Roller, the debut single from LIAM's new outfit Beady Eye, crashed into the charts at No31 yesterday.
It turns out the millions Liam thinks adores him number just a few thousand.

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James said...

"Meanwhile, The Roller, the debut single from LIAM's new outfit Beady Eye, crashed into the charts at No31 yesterday."

Crikey. In 1994, Liam's debut single with Oasis reached number 31 in the charts. 17 years later, his debut single with Beady Eye reaches number 31 in the charts.

He's come a long way.

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