Monday, January 31, 2011

Jessie J "not shapeshifting lizard or anything" - official

Suspicions that Jessie J is the Pontins Lady GaGa are growing as she continues to churn through the GaGa playbook. She's just reached the insane rumour that she's part of an Illuminati conspiracy bit. DigitalSpy sees all:

The singer, who released the music video for her new single 'Price Tag' yesterday, rubbished suggestions that she supports the purported conspiratorial organisation after making a hand gesture in the clip often recognised as a symbol of allegiance to the group.
I've never quite got the thinking behind claims that a super, super secret society would from time to time forget it's a super, super secret society and have one of its people go round making their secret symbols in pop videos, or building a secret facility, disguising it as an airport, and then covering it all with signs saying 'Look! Conspiracy going on here'.

Naturally, Jessie J denies it all:
Moments after the clip premiered, she tweeted: "lmao at the illuminati comments on 'price tag'. Jheeze people im doing the 'OK' sign over my eye. No 666 round here round here... No thank you (sic)."

She later insisted: "No I do not believe in the Illuminati nor am I involves in it. Fact. Lol."
BUT HOW CAN YOU NOT BE INVOLVES IN IT IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN IT, EH? EH? YOU SAY THERE'S NOTHING TO BE INVOLVES IN, SO WHY WOULD YOU SAY YOU ARE NOT INVOLVES? Also Jheeze is like not being able to say Jesus because the words will burn your Illuminati lips and... oh, just go and make a dress out of bacon.

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