Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lily Allen: Enjoy it while you can

On the 19th September, 2008, someone updated the website for Lily Allen and Friends - the BBC Three series - with this upbeat message:

Thanks for watching - we hope you enjoyed Lily's show. And the great news is, she'll be back soon with a brand new series - keep checking here for more details about when it will hit your screens and how you can get involved.
I'm sure we've all been checking back daily, or twice daily, as our schedules have allowed. But despite the optimistic heading "Guests: Series One" on a side bar, nothing.

Not a word.

But we won't have many more days to check. Yes, amongst the sites being closed as part of the latest rounds of Coalition-inspired cuts at the BBC, Lily Allen And Friends is being taken off the internet. Whatever shall we do?

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James said...

They're doing it wrong. They're supposed to announce three or four times over the next few months that the site is 'retiring', occasionally popping back to claim that the announcement was taken out of context.

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