Monday, February 21, 2011

Jessie J: Illuminati, but nice

Jessie J's status as the B-road Lady GaGa gathers apace; she's even now getting her own Illuminati conspiracy attacks.

This is from Vigilant Citizen:

Sporting Mickey Mouse ears, a classic symbol associated with mind control programming. Other artists sporting the Mickey Mouse look? Type “Mickey Mouse” in the search box at the top of this page [on VC] and see what you find.
You get Rihanna, Aguilera and GaGa, although, interestingly, not this one:
Which, to be honest, seems to be more likely the starting point than any sort of mind control.

If wearing Mickey Mouse ears really is a sign of mind control, surely Joanie Cunningham from Happy Days must be the Big Brother of our age? No wonder Howard always wanted her to not wear the ears at the table.
You might have recognized a bunch of symbols discussed in other articles on this site, about other artists such as Rihanna or Lady Gaga.
Vigilant Citizen concludes this shows just how deep things run, rather than evidence that Jessie J is pretty much nipping down the shops with some successful pop videos and asking if they could run up something similar.

The Citizen then quotes the director's vague explanation of the stuff in the video, which - ha! - proves their point:
When asked about these types of videos, directors are extremely vague and barely coherent. On the other hand, they can’t very well say to Teen Bop Magazine “Well, it’s about Illuminati mind control, where Jessie J is a Monarch slave being manipulated by higher powers”.
Although, since VC claims that the video is full of symbols doing just that, it's not clear why they wouldn't say that.
Right from the start, the video begins with a powerful and symbolic image, one that sums up the entire meaning of this piece: a teddy bear with one eye missing and a torn arm. The combination of several elements in this scene strongly point towards trauma-based mind control.
Or possibly a love of The Raggy Dolls.

Or perhaps Back-To-Front also had trauma-based mind control going on. And a back-to-front head. Sheesh, even Ian Duncan-Smith might give him a day off work with that all going on.
In another scene, Jessie J is portrayed as a ballerina in a music box, the type you have to wind-up before it starts dancing. The ballerina needs an outside force to get her to perform, another metaphor for the mind state of an industry artist and a mind controlled slave.
Or, possibly, a toy. She could just be pretending to be a toy.

But there's more:
Portraying pop stars as puppets manipulated by unseen forces from above is one of the Illuminati’s favorite ways to show their control of the industry. What better way to show the elite’s use of pop stars to program and indoctrinate the masses?
Well... how about showering Matt Cardle with money? Wouldn't it be better to not portray your puppets as, well, puppets? Because isn't showing the strings kind of giving away the magic? It'd be like having the daleks roll along saying 'we are just men pushing boxes around, and the scary voice is coming from someone else' and expecting them to be scary.
In another scene, Jessie J is sitting inside a doll house which is yet another significant setting in terms of mind control. Due to intense trauma, Monarch slaves are encouraged to dissociate from reality to escape the pain of the various tortures they must endure. The doll house is a representation of the make-believe world victims escape to when dissociation occurs. Furthermore, actual doll houses are used as props in the programming of children.
Actual doll houses. Houses that actual dolls live in. Or possibly actual houses than have been run by dolls. Pussycat Dolls, maybe. In houses. With pussycats. ON STRINGS. Like in a pantomime - and I think we all know why the word "pant" is there, don't we kids?

Hang about... Vig has spotted a one eye doll:
This scene is shown for less than a second. It is nevertheless extremely meaningful. It is a visual representation of the fractured psyche of a trauma victim. In mind control symbolism, dolls represent the alter persona created and programmed by the slave’s handler. In the video, the doll head has one eye missing, alluding to Illuminati mind control. Jessie’s eye is where the missing eye should be, effectively portraying the merger of the victim with its alter persona.
Yeah... peek-a-boo, or is it peek-a-do-as-I-say? Huh?
Here Jessie has one leg removed from her body, another reminder of the fractured mind state of the victim.
Assuming you have your mind in your legs.

But what is she wearing, Vigilant?
To further drive the point home, the singer is wearing feline-print leggings, which, as we have often seen, is a code for Sex-Kitten programming.
Wearing sexy leggings is not a code for anything; it's an attempt to be sexy. It's like saying wearing a policeman's helmet is code for having been through policeman training, rather than, you know, doing a thing policemen do after they've been to policeman school.
See those hats? Don't let them fool you; they're showing they've been mind-controlled at Hendon, even though you might think they're just pretending.

It's not clear - it never is - why the Illuminati have gone to all this trouble to build a secret musician mind control programming system only to lard the videos they're making with clues revealing it. They really are shit at secrets, aren't they? If the mafia was as rubbish as they are, they'd be called The Organised Crime Team and put photos of themselves of Facebook threatening people. "Big Ron is... telling a frightened shop owner that it would be a pity if something happened to him, by which he means he'll break his legs if he doesn't get money."

It's also not clear why the Illuminati would put all this effort into building up Jessie J, which would seem to be on a par with the Soviets infiltrating the Little Rissington Parish Council.

[Thanks to Michael M]


Anonymous said...

"Right from the start, the video begins with a powerful and symbolic image, one that sums up the entire meaning of this piece: a teddy bear with one eye missing and a torn arm. The combination of several elements in this scene strongly point towards trauma-based mind control."

Does that mean Pudsey's a member of the Illuminati too?

Anonymous said...

you are clearrrrly what is known as a "disinformationist". LOL @ you.

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