Thursday, March 03, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Jessie - an example to all

Jessie J "guest edits" Bizarre this morning. As guest editor, she'll get the respect she deserves, right? Erm...:

IF JESSIE J were a character in The Inbetweeners, she would definitely have featured in Jay's premier league of clunge.
You know, Gordon, even in the context of the sitcom, that was pretty nasty. Using the phrase to introduce a piece in a national newspaper about someone who's sat right next to you is quite something.

J was apparently at stage school with one of the InBetweeners, James Buckley:
"I remember he was really into his music. It was mainly a dance school but he was focusing on drama. I'll have to dig out the pictures of him when he was there."
But you know what? She doesn't have to, as Gordon gets his "team" to mock up what he must have looked like:
Yes. I'd imagine that's exactly what it looked like.

And what of J herself? She wants to be a role model:
"I'm just proud I can be a decent influence on girls.

"As long as I am known for my music first and all the other stuff comes second, I'm cool with it.

"When my arse was on the front page of The Sun this week I knew I had made it."
Yes, having your arse on the front of The Sun both puts your music centre stage and provides a glowing example to young women. Mission accomplished, Miss J.