Sunday, April 03, 2011

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Ian Rankin pops in to The Spectator to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Rolling Stones:

When I first heard the Rolling Stones, I hated them. The album was Let It Bleed. It belonged to my sister’s boyfriend. He had paid one pound-nineteen-and-eleven for it at a record shop in Kirkcaldy. It came with a poster, and the sleeve was interesting. I’d no idea who Delia Smith was, but she’d done a good job of that cake. I was a bit of a poster fanatic – my tiny bedroom was plastered with them, including the ceiling. I got them from the weekly music paper Sounds. There was a free colour poster in the middle pages of every issue. I didn’t know who half the bands were, but the posters went on the wall. Not the Let It Bleed poster though – that was already adorning my sister’s boyfriend’s bedroom.

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Robin Carmody said...

I don't think anything could sum up the Stones' true legacy and greatest impact better than the fact that this piece is in the Spectator.

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