Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Backstage with Britney

Gordon worries for the staff working on Britney Spears' tour:

The singer has given caterers strict instructions not to make any junk food because she's not allowed it.

Hot dogs, pizza and cookie dough ice cream have all been blacklisted.
Well, that doesn't sound too bad - after all, most of the schools left alone by the coalition adopt a similar policy. Healthy. They can scoff pizza when they get back to the hotel, right?
If that's not gutting enough, they are going to have to listen to MICHAEL JACKSON songs constantly.
Okay. THAT is cruel and unusual. And somewhat uncalled for.
She has stockpiled his tour DVDs and enlisted the help of his dance team to recreate his routines.
Given how successful the preparations for the last Michael Jackson dates went, you might be better off nomming down the cookie dough ice cream, Britney.

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