Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Capes cod

For some reason, Gordon Smart appears to have churned out a press release about the scale of the Take That tour this morning:

Twenty-two tons of electrical cable will be used for every gig. It takes 48 hours to build the stage and set and another 19 to take it all down again.

At least they've got plenty of bodies on the job - 287 to be exact, plus another 160 crew in each city.

Just the 104 trucks will be on the tour, which heads to Europe for another seven dates after the UK leg.
It's actually a sweet, big-eyed piece that reads like something from The Blue Peter Book rather than a Fleet Street sewer.

There's this bit, though, which is a bit odd:
[S]pare a thought for the roadies. Even GEOFF CAPES and NIGHTSHADE from Gladiators would struggle to lug around the equipment.
Eh? But you acknowledge that there's about 450 people doing the carrying and rigging. Unless you're implying that, say, a Take That sound rig weighs more than any other sound rig.

Still, I'm sure the young Sun readership will be delighted by those modern cultural reference points.

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