Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gordon in the morning: He said, she said

The little spat between Noel Gallagher and some footballer or other has draggged on, to Gordon's delight:

After Noel's insult in Bizarre earlier this week, Gary [Neville] responded: "Shouldn't you be writing a new album or has your pen run out of ink?" Man City fan Noel replied: "My pen runs on pure gold. Ink's for your daft mates' tattoos."

GNev answered: "Gold? If you take any longer you'll be on UK Gold."

But the final word went to Mr Big: "The thought of you humming my new tunes while combing your 'tache in the mirror makes me want to take another year off. But if you promise not to buy a copy when it comes out I'll get a move on."
What Gordon doesn't seem to have noticed is that, while neither of them are particularly great, Gary Neville at least shows a bit of wit.

Noel Gallagher: less sharp than a football pundit. Will Gordon now stop treating him like the love child of Wilde and Parker?

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