Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Is this, actually, a job?

Now that she's been "eased out" of whatever one it was she was on, Dannii Minogue has plans:

FORMER X Factor star Dannii Minogue could return to talent judging - on a rival BBC show.
"Return to 'talent judging'"? "Every time I think I'm out of the game of listening to someone for a bit and then saying 'that moooved me' or 'you gotta focus', they pull me back in again."

It used to be that those who could did, and those who couldn't would teach. Now, those who can't even teach sit behind a table and read scripted quips about how thrilled they were.

I wonder if Cowell has a "Talent Judge Showdown" format up his sleeve?

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