Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gordon in the morning: James Blunt's favour to his younger self

Don't have sex with famous people, begs James Blunt:

He feels there are folk out there more deserving of a fumble under the covers.

James said: "Aid workers, teachers, doctors, nurses, the military - people who save lives are who you should aim to sleep with.

"Think of it as a reward for what they do for the world."
Military people, you say, James? Weren't you in the army?

It's quite sweet, really: do you suppose his 19 year-old self looked at Will Smith hanging out with sexy people and thought 'if I ever get famous, I'm going to tell the public they should be doing it with soldiers instead'? In fact: do you think that's been his gameplan all along?

In other news, Cheryl Cole is supposedly going to make three movies in Hollywood. You can see why Hollywood couldn't wait to work with the woman from the L'Oreal adverts. I know what you're thinking, but apparently they can add facial expressions and vocal intonation after the shoot.

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