Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Power station

According to Gordon Smart, Beyonce had been planning to play Battersea Power Station but... well, was thwarted?

BEYONCE'S secret gig suffered a bit of a setback when Health and Safety gimps banned her from doing a special show at Battersea Power Station in London.

It seems that saying 'you know what, that would be an unsafe place to do a gig' isn't actually a useful intervention, but somehow 'lame'. If only Gordon were in charge; if someone wanted Beyonce to play in a barrel going over the edge of the Falls Of Glomach, he'd just smile and nod.

Actually, scrub that - he's suddenly realised they have a point:
I would call them killjoys but I saw Beyonce's backing singers, THE MAMAS, at Glastonbury.

Their bras alone would need scaffolding.
Ha ha ha, because they're BIG, do you see? Ha ha ha.

Beyonce went to Harrods instead:
Bosses at Harrods must have been delighted that Beyonce and co turned up.

They are among the few people on the planet who can afford to shop there.
What? Is this Smart trying to reach out to a credit-crunched readership by going "tschaw, those rich people with their rich ways, eh?"

He also finds time to kick one of his predecessors:
She also had the misfortune of being pestered by a chubby old showbiz reporter clinging on to his youth, PIERS MORGAN, who was interviewing her for news channel CNN.
By the time Morgan was Smart's age, he'd already moved on from editing Bizarre and was just about to start his second editorship of a national newspaper.

(Note: being fair to Piers Morgan has led me to sicking up both my kidneys.)
All those businessmen in hotels around the world will be looking forward to seeing an interview with one of the hit parade's finest.
No they won't, Gordon. They have channels which keep them better company, without having half the screen taken up by Piers' face.


Mikey said...

Do people still actually say 'hit parade' ? In fact, did they ever? Is it just one of those expression like 'manhood' which no-one says out loud & you just see written in newspapers?

Anonymous said...

Hit parade? of course people say that. They have it on the wireless you know

James said...

I was listening to the Hit Parade only last night, in my love-nest alongside my stunna. Prior to a romp.

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