Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Unarranged monkey business

Aperback Writer
Macca will team up with Gorillaz
Is that true, Gordon?
Macca is on the promotional trail for the re-release of his solo albums McCartney I and II - and revealed his admiration for the talents of Damon and his Gorillaz co-star, artist JAMIE HEWLETT.

He said: "We have kind of talked - nothing serious but I like what they do. It's got near a couple of times but we never had the time."
So it's not "will", more a case of "would have liked to". There's no "will", except for unnamed people in both camps making vague, could-have-been-written-at-The-Sun-newsdesk suggestions that there's no reason it won't happen in the morning.

Still, it hasn't stopped Gordon getting a mock-up together. This, apparently, is "how Paul McCartney might look with Gorillaz":
It's not clear why McCartney would appear as a cartoon, when other collaborators don't. Nor why he'd be drawn in a totally different style. Or why he'd be badly out of focus.

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Anonymous said...

Or why he looks a bit like Gordon Brown. Or why he's doing an impression of the Fonz.

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