Sunday, June 12, 2011

Grindcoreobit: Seth Putnam

Seth Putnam, lead singer with Anal Cunt, has died.

Putnam formed Anal Cunt in Massachusetts in 1988; it's seen members come and go and then come back again over an eight-album career. Even if you'd not come across them before, you might conclude from the name that the band is set up to be deliberately awkward - they claimed they would send copies of their albums to inappropriate magazines just to get bad reviews.

Supposedly, the band was meant to last for a single demo tape; it was an in-joke which somehow found an audience and, even more suprisingly, picked up some actual music across the decade and a half.

This, in their prime, is what they sounded like:

Seth Putnam was 43; he's believed to have died from a heart attack. The death was announced by the band's publicist.