Sunday, June 12, 2011

Britain's Got Talent mole "not a mole"

Following on from the original long posting on claiming that Britain's Got Talent was a fix, there's been a second posting.

Making the story even more twisted, this post claims to be by the original anonymous poster, explaining that the original post was a symptom of illness:

I live with Bipolar Disorder. The last 5/6 weeks have been particularly difficult to manage, as I have been experiencing 'rapid-cycling', with mood swings every 2 or 3 days, taking me from deep depression into hyper-mania and then back again. It's an extremely confusing and horrible way to live.
The whole BGT thing became much worse; I was convinced a document had been "planted" in my mind. It was a document of such importance, it would prove to the nation how they have been "conned", but worse, how "evil" Simon Cowell really was. Things are so fucked-up in my head, I thought I was the only person who have this "knowledge" and I had been "choosen" to tell the world. More importantly, I *needed* to save a kid from the "evil" clutches of Simon Cowell. People will probably laugh at this, but to me, at the time, it was fucking terrifying!
Now, perhaps the second post is by the original poster. And perhaps he is ill. And maybe the original post did come entirely out of an episode.

Although some of the content of the original post - like the interesting involvement of the Gunns and a birthday party - seem a little surprising to have just bubbled up from mental health issues.

But this reads more like someone trying to retrospectively cover their tracks - especially this line:
Even if the authorities wanted to catch-up with me, I doubt they'd be able to, as I always mask my true IP Address with someone elses. So that doesn't bother me too much.
Hmm. "Yeah, even if there's someone's IP address it'll be somebody else's" is a curious phrase. A lot of people mask their IP addresses, admittedly, but this sounds like the poster expects the original post to have a traceable IP address attached to it, but wants the curious to ignore that as having been faked.

Simon Cowell has reported this posting to the police, too. I doubt if they're any clearer what, or who, or how much truth there is in these story than any of the rest of us are.

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Robin Carmody said...

This probably counts for very little, but being high-functioning autistic (which is similar in some ways to bipolar) I can believe this.

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