Monday, July 25, 2011

You probably think this song is about you: Alex James

There are, amongst those who have drunk heavily, or taken drugs to excess, two sorts of people. Those who hear of the death of Amy Winehouse and think "there, but for the grace of God", and those who hear of the death of Amy Winehouse and think "quick, get me my publicist".

To be fair, Alex James probably thought he was bringing special insight. He wasn't, though, he was just trying to push himself to the heart of the story. Oh, and he was writing for The Sun, as well:

James wrote in the The Sun today (July 25) that Winehouse’s death was “shocking”, saying: “Her death is sickeningly sad, and it could easily have happened to me.”

He suggested that maybe if she had been a relationship with the right person, “this would not have happened”.
The Sun! Jesus, if you really must cram your cakehole into the story, at least find a place that isn't part of a company that has been merrily hacking into her cellphone to turn up at clinics at the same time as her.

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