Monday, August 29, 2011

Argentina might have a Vice President with an axe

No, no, not like Dave and George's mighty axe for making poor people suffer, it's a guitar. Amado Boudou, running mate of incumbent Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, plays a Fender and sings at political meetings. The Guardian has seen it with its own eyes:

"Rock helps me communicate directly with the people because rock doesn't lie, and people are fed up with lying politicians," said Boudou, whose campaign trail with the famous Argentinian band Mancha de Rolando in tow resembles a rock tour more than election politics.
Nestor Kirchner rescued Argentina from its devastating 2002 financial crisis by boldly increasing spending while restructuring a gargantuan foreign debt without the help of the IMF. Boudou considers his 2005 break with the IMF as key to Argentina's consumption-based recovery, and he likes to accompany that message with crashing guitar chords on his current election tour.

"Mister banker, give me back my money!" he sings to the crowds who turn up at his political rallies.
To adapt Hank Hill on Christian rock: you're not making politics better, you're just making rock music worse.

Thank God Tony Blair only ever looked like someone who might do this sort of thing, rather than becoming someone who actually did.