Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Oasis lawsuit question answered

Yesterday morning, we wondered what side Gordon would pick in the battle of The Gallagher brothers.

Question answered this morning:

[H]ere's Liam Gallagher at 3am, in a cold Staffordshire field, doing a bit of self-medicating - swigging from a tin of Guinness with fans. This snap was taken only hours before he disappointed thousands of Oasis fans by pulling out of V Festival in Chelmsford back in 2009.

He must have been really poorly.
The person who supplied the photo has "asked not to be named", which perhaps somewhat overstates the importance of this story.

Witnesses! Move to safehouses! Change your names! Plastic surgery cannot be ruled out! The arms of the Liam Gallagher operation are long, and his wrath is fierce. Keep yourself safe.

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electro-web said...

Wait. The snap was taken at 3am? The V festival headliners are on at 10pm-ish.

So, either the photo was take 5 hours afterwards (unlikely he'd be hanging around, surely?)

Or it was taken NINETEEN HOURS before their headlining set. Now, I don't know about you but I'd say 19 hours was plenty of time to develop an illness that stops you singing.

I say this not to defend Liam. More to attack Gordon.

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