Monday, August 15, 2011

Gordon in the morning: The stench of desperation

Given that Gordon relies on Simon Cowell and the X Factor Talent machine for about 75% of his articles that don't come from other magazines, it's quite brave of him to run Richard White and Lucy Connolly's bit this morning:

X FACTOR contestants are being plied with free booze in a bid to ramp up the sex and scandal in this year's series.

And cameras will be in finalists' bedrooms 24 HOURS A DAY on Simon Cowell's orders to make sure viewers get to gawp at every alcohol-fuelled grope.
I suppose that this is meant to be "publicity" of the good sort, but from where I'm sitting it sounds a bit like ITV trying to get vulnerable young people drunk to film them having sex. Even R Kelly's got beyond that sort of behaviour.