Monday, August 15, 2011

Mathew Street experiments with tip-box style free event

The Mathew Street Festival in Liverpool has always been free, but times are tough.

So this year, they're trying to find a way to keep the event free. People going will be invited to buy a wristband for £3 which will... well, give you a wristband.

For a festival largely built out of groups pretending to be other groups, this is a wristband pretending to be a Festival Wristband. A tribute 'band for tribute bands.

But it's a nicer idea than the other way of barking up some funds, which is to create a VIP zone:

Tickets cost £25 a day and include a couple of complimentary drinks, laid back live entertainment, invitations to the after-party and loos without the queues.

There will also be a special zone where guests can be pampered and have their hair and make-up refreshed.

The VIP bar and terrace enclosure will be in Victoria Street Car Park, next to the Sir Thomas Hotel – so far enough to escape the madding crowds, but close enough to jump straight back into the festival action.
That's exactly what Liverpool needs right now - a spot of 'them and us' barrier building, and turning a free festival into an event which you need money to get the 'full' experience.