Thursday, September 22, 2011

We might have some bad news for you, Coldplay

Chris Martin says he's not bothered about relevancy:

I don't really care anymore about being relevant. I'm just happy to be with that group of people. We're very fired up and we're very focussed and the people who want to enjoy our music, we love them and we welcome them. In terms of where we fit in? I don't care.
It's heartbreaking, isn't it? It's like when you see UKIP candidates in parliamentary elections and you think 'however awful you and your beliefs are, it's almost touching that you believe you're part of the actual political process. Bless you, you little, rabidly wrong sweetheart.'

When, exactly, did Martin think that Coldplay were "relevant"? And relevant to what? The only thing Coldplay have ever had an influence on was 'bands that sound like Coldplay', and at no point in recorded history has 'shaping a Snow Patrol rehearsal session' ever counted as 'being relevant'.


Anonymous said...

He didn't say that he thought they'd ever *been* relevant, he said he'd stopped *caring* about it; there is a difference.

simon h b said...

Sort-of, anonymous - what Martin said makes it clear that the sludge of the past was produced with an eye on (caring about) being relevant, surely?

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