Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cowell backs down, Rhythmix changes name

Belatedly doing the right thing, Simon Cowell and his evil moon-thieves are clumping into action to try and salvage the whole 'trying to bully a charity into giving up their name' fiasco.

It's being pitched as if the contestants themselves came up with the idea of not calling themselves Rhythmix any more:

"At the request of the charity Rhythmix, the members of the girl group Rhythmix have decided to change their name, a decision which has the support of Syco and TalkbackTHAMES," a statement from the programme's producers said. "The group's new name will be announced in due course."
The "group" decided, did they? That's about as likely as Bartleby the Pony taking out a deed poll to become Black Beauty off his own initiative.

It's the right thing to do, but it's still depressing that it took the charity taking its complaints public and building 65,000 Facebook supporters; it's unacceptable that ITV, Talkback Thames and Simco are trying to spin this as doing a charity a favour.