Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Conrad Murray guilty; everyone else breathes a sigh of relief

So, with Conrad Murray being convicted of the manslaughter of Michael Jackson, it looks like all the other people who had a hand in pushing Jackson toward the exit have managed to swerve responsibility.

I hope if I ever build a fanbase, and die in terrible circumstances, my supporters don't turn up at the courtroom and turn the trial of those responsible into a circus.

One fan - part of the chanting crowd who turned the court precinct into a tailgate party - told BBC News that "we've got justice for Michael", seemingly convinced that they had done something. Granted, the man they held responsible for the death of their idol had been found guilty, but given that idol was still dead, what was the cheering and partying about? To be a Jackson fan in the 21st Century had meant separation from the pain of hard facts for quite a while, but surely even from that position you'd be able to see there are some things that shouldn't be treated as part of a show?

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