Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Where do you hide a Justin Bieber?

There's something quite canny about Justin Bieber choosing to spend the night after the EMAs in a gay club in Belfast. I'm not sure it's the last place anyone would look for him, but it's probably not the first.

Although, frankly, it's unlikely any of his fans would find him in any nightclub at all, given they'd all be about ten years too young to get in to one.

Gordon, though, thinks there's another motive:

WHAT'S the best way to knock back rumours you've fathered a love child?

Go for a night out on the shandy at "Europe's hottest gay venue".
I'm not sure that would entirely clear you from a paternity suit, Gordon.

By the way: this morning's Sun front page on Conrad Murray: Thriller Killer. Keeping it classy.