Monday, November 28, 2011

Gary Barlow learns a hard lesson

A sharp Twitterslap to the side of the head has taught Gary Barlow what he should have known: you treat Carol Decker with the respect she deserves.

He'd slagged off T'pau's version of China In Your Hands after one of the inmates on X Factors did a caterwauling cover of it:

The Take That star said he preferred Devlin’s version because it was “in tune”.

Decker responded on Twitter, asking Barlow what his problem was and saying: “I actually have perfect pitch [an innate ability to stay in tune].”

She also swore at him and aimed an insult at his music, saying: “I had to suffer a Take That concert for the sake of my kids this summer.”
Barlow sort-of apologised.

But one thing more: mysteriously, Decker's invite to appear on Xtra Factors on ITV2 was dropped.

It looks like Barlow is happy to dish it out but not man enough to take it.

Luckily, you can send a message by making China In Your Hand the Christmas number one.

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