Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jimmy Saville sex shop brick bother

Back in 1981, as part of a fundraising drive for Stoke Mandeville, a collection of limited edition bricks were sold and, well, used for building. Bedfordshire On Sunday explains:

Around 100 limited edition bricks made bearing the fleur-de-lys crest of the Prince of Wales were specially created to commemorate the International Year of the Disabled.
One of these ended up in a building in a lay-by on the A1 which is now a sex shop. (Yes, there are drive-in sex shops in East Anglia. Whole other story.) And the charity brick being in a dildo'n'DVD store has upset Sandy Parish Councillor Ken Lynch. He reckons it's an insult to the memory iof Jimmy Savile:
“I protested against it and tried to get the brick removed. People might say I’m being unreasonable. When Sir Jimmy was alive I couldn’t really publicise it but now that he’s gone I am demanding it be taken out. I hold Sir Jimmy in great esteem and I feel it’s an insult to him and the way he lived his life. There’s no reason for it to be there. I will fight to get it removed. Sir Jimmy was a wonderful person.”
The odd thing is that although Jimmy was involved in the charity campaign, there's nothing on the brick itself to link him to wall. Even if there was, you'd have to be hard-pressed to discover the brick and a little bit overwrought to assume some sort of link between an old brick in the side of a wall and the current business inside the shop.

There's a suspicion that Lynch is merely using Saville's death to restart a campaign he's been running for over five years; indeed, given that there's nothing on said brick of a Savile-esque nature, if he hadn't said anything nobody would even have made the link.

One further point: what was the "appropriate" business originally housed in the walls in which the brick was laid?

Erm, a Happy Eater. The food chain that died of shame.

[via: Angry People In Local Newspapers]


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