Monday, December 05, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Mondays come round again

It's hard to get that excited about the fourth coming of The Happy Mondays, especially as there's a tawdry attempt to try and shoehorn it in onto The Stone Roses comeback, as Gordon explains:

A source said: "After the success of The Stone Roses reunion, there's a real clamour to get the group back on the road and document it properly."[...]
[T]his time they want to do it properly, with full tour dates and possible slots with The Stone Roses.
You'll bet they want to sneak onto the Roses' dates, which will turn this latest reunion from one that settles whatever the bills that have come up this time into one which might actually leave them ahead.

But should we be thinking of this in terms of the Roses? Let's listen to that "source" again:
"The Mondays have had offers from film companies, including Film4 and Sky, who want to follow them for the reunion. There will be gigs next summer and a re-release of their classic album Pills 'n' Thrills And Bellyaches. A DVD will also be released of the comeback shows and the documentary."
Ah, doing a comeback to make some cheap television. This isn't Mondays-as-Stone-Roses; this is Mondays-as-Steps.