Friday, December 02, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Something is growing inside, but we don't talk about it, do we?

Some pretty weak stuff about Beyonce this morning, as Gordon runs a photo given to him by ITV to puff a programme this weekend:

No sign of the baBey

By GORDON SMART, Showbiz Editor

ANY pregnant women watching A Night With Beyonce on TV this Sunday will want to know where she got this maternity get-up.

The singer is eight months pregnant but appears perfectly slim on the ITV1 show.
Goodness! Has Gordon stumbled onto something here?
It's sure to fire internet rumour
Yes, the one that claims that - like Gordon's old boss, Rebekah Phonehakah Brooks - Beyonce has got a surrogate parent on the books. So is this solid evidence, Gordon?
but she's actually only bump-less because it was recorded back in the summer.
In other words, Gordon has run a piece saying "look, this woman doesn't look eight months pregnant because, erm, she wasn't eight months pregnant."

Even an internet conspiracy nut wouldn't bother with that. Although it's good enough for The Sun, it seems.

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