Saturday, December 31, 2011

We need to talk about '11: December

Ticketmaster has twelve months to dream up new charges to replace unfair card processing fees. HMV might not have even that long to survive; could Universal save them?. It might distract them from censoring YouTube.

Joe McElderry offered X Factor winners Little Mix on how to avoid turning into the new Joe McElderry. Madonna's fabulous 360 deal clearly hasn't worked. At least she has a deal, unlike Limp Bizkit.

Indonesia started to crack down on punk as a worrying form of self-expression. The Wanted expressed themselves by putting their little penis on This Morning's Twitterstream.

Radio One unseated Judge Jules as part of a dance overhaul. The One Show upset Mike Batt by disrespecting The Wombles. No, really.

The death of Amy Winehouse was no barrier to flogging records. Indeed, it looked like it helped.

Vanishing: Napster.

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