Friday, December 23, 2011

Will an end to unfair credit and debit card fees make concerts cheaper?

Good festive news: the government is proposing a ban on made-up credit card processing fees. Companies like Ticketmaster will still be able to charge credit card fees, but not the silly, made-up mark-ups they currently do.

Bad festive news: this won't stop Ticketmaster making up other fees, and slapping arbitrary sums onto those.

In effect, then: from the end of 2012, you'll be ripped off on a different line of your gig ticket bill.


James said...

Oh, it'll be a veritable frenzy of creative writing on a Ryanair scale over the next couple of years as these grasping ratbags dream up wild and imaginative new fees that they somehow seem to have coped without up until now. What's that? You want one of those fancy holograms on the ticket? That'll cost you. It's the price of holograms, see, it's gone through the roof just recently. Yes, we could just leave it off the ticket, but you know what some of these door staff are like. You wouldn't want them to think it was a fake, would you? Oh, and this venue offers both gents' and ladies' toilets, so don't forget the £2 sanitation surcharge. Pardon? You won't be using what? You'd rather lick who? I'm sorry, it's mandatory. Now, we assume you'll be wanting us to ensure that your ticket won't accidentally be resold? Because we can guarantee this for a small £3 surcharge...

electroweb said...

My favourite TicketBastard fee is £1 for delivery.

Of an e-ticket

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