Sunday, February 26, 2012

Olly Murs admits he's only as famous as the woman on the money at home

Olly Murs - imagine Gary Barlow crafted by the makers of Fireman Sam - appears to overestimate his brand recognition:

Asked whether he is as well-known as the queen, he said: ''Maybe in the UK, but the queen is known across the world and I definitely don't think I have got to that status.
The Queen was reported to be "fuming" at the suggestion: "Sixty bloody years on the notes and stamps, sixty state openings, sixty Christmas day messages. Can he compete with that? I've got a fucking bridge named after me. Where is the Olly Murs bridge, if he's so famous? Can he show me a single pillar box with his initials on? I'm tempted to have him thrown in prison. I've got prisons. They're my majesty's prisons. Murs hasn't even got a lock-up garage. Tosspot."

Nevertheless, a Buckingham Palace spokesperson did reveal, on condition of anonymity, that the Queen's advisors are considering an offer for her to mentor the girl band on next year's X Factor "to help with brand recognition in the 16-30 age bracket."