Thursday, February 23, 2012

Viagogo tries to close down Dispatches investigation

Tonight, Channel 4 shows a Dispatches investigation into prices charged by "official" secondary ticket agencies - you know, the ones which save us from having to pay rip-off prices to touts by, erm, charging rip-off prices.

The programme nearly didn't get to air, though, as Viagogo went to court to get an injunction.

And what were the grounds for trying to stop the programme?


Viagogo tried to prevent the programme being broadcast "to prevent customer information being made public", according to its UK director, Edward Parkinson.
Ah, that would be it. It wasn't worried about being portrayed as a mark-up shark-site; it was just worried about its customers being outed.

Mind you, if you're paying the eye-watering prices charged routinely by Viagogo, chances are you'd have to be a Duke or someone working for RBS. Doubtless you'd value your privacy.

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Good work Dispatches!!

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