Thursday, February 23, 2012

Breakfast with Burgess

I think most right-people thinking have long had a dream of the perfect morning: waking up, grabbing Tim Burgess' delicious balls, splashing something creamy over them and just cramming those balls into their mouth.

Now Kelloggs have made that fantasy a reality.

MSNBC reports:
A few weeks ago, Burgess joked to his fans on Twitter that he wanted to invent a cereal by that name based on his favorite treat, Rocky Road.

“I was thinking it'd be cool to come up with a breakfast cereal,’’ Burgess told the Manchester Evening News. “I heard someone use the expression 'totes amazeballs,' and it sounded like something from 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.' I sent a cheeky tweet saying I'd invented a new cereal and that Kellogg's were interested!

“But within an hour they'd got in touch.”
So far, there's just been the one box made, so only Tim knows what his balls taste like. Although Tim seems convinced they're going to be on sale at festivals.

The idea, though, is enough to make us happy. Now, we're waiting for Matteson's to get in touch with plans for a luncheon sausage.

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Claire said...

Your Tim Burgess love is one of the reasons I love this site. Almost noone else in my life understands, goddamnit!

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