Friday, March 02, 2012

Easy ease back

There's a class of band who you didn't really notice had gone until you get a PR email announcing their comeback; and then you go 'oh... they were alright, they were'.

Into which category falls this lot:

Yes, Easy. A terrible name back in the early 1990s; effectively the same as not having a name when you need it to be plugged into search engines. Surprisingly for a band who attracted a fair bit of attention and were bought onto some plum tours not so long ago, they don't even appear to exist on Wikipedia. Well, not the English language version.

Still: back back and so on; there's a single, For Beauty; an album, Popcorn Graffiti is due in April. I wish them luck; I think the name is going to be a very real problem for them. (Mind you, they changed their name to Fly briefly, which would have been even worse.)

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