Friday, March 09, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Ferry bad news

Gordon gets overexcited in the shipping lanes:

THE lads in The Wanted almost lost £6million of kit on Wednesday night when a ferry carrying tour gear was in collision with a cargo vessel.
The Wanted have six million quid's worth of equipment? That's a hell of a lot of make-up and trousers, and a really expensive tape machine, presumably.

Still, they "almost lost" it all, did they?
The Wanted ferry nearly lose their kit
So this must have been a really, really serious incident?
The accident happened in Belfast Lough, and roadies with the kit on a Stena ship were so worried it was going down they put on life jackets.
And believe me, if you've got an incident at sea, nobody is better at predicting what might happen than a roadie. If only Noel Gallagher had been on the Titanic, they might have avoided any loss of life at all.

Although... if there's a bit of a bump at sea wouldn't putting a life jacket on be a normal thing to do? Has Gordon taken a basic safety measure, and a minor incident, and inflated it like a seat that can also be used as a floatation device?

RTE have a report on the incident:
A passenger ferry was involved in a collision with another vessel at the entrance to Belfast Lough, authorities in Northern Ireland confirmed tonight.

Police are assisting the Maritime and Coastguard agency in an investigation into the incident.
The Stena ferry has docked at its terminal in Belfast. There are no reports of injuries.
There were 51 passengers and 47 crew on board.

A spokesman said there were no reports of injuries and everyone on the ferry had safely disembarked in Belfast.
So this is a bit of a minor bump, then, and it seems at no time was the ferry in any danger; much less its cargo "almost lost". Still, why let the facts, etc, etc?