Thursday, March 08, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Gordon in the MDNA

This morning, Gordon has a listen to the new Madonna album, MDNA. He describes the album as a "return to form" and the last one as a "let-down".

Which is kind of strange, as when Hard Candy came out, although his review was a bit muted, it hardly suggested he believed she was off-form:

The Chameleon Of Pop has chosen an edgy, urban feel for her latest reinvention.
To be fair to Gordon, he wasn't entirely convinced by some aspects of Hard Candy:
Despite a few tasty treats, I?m not sure rap was the right direction for a singer approaching her fifth decade.
And yet, for MDNA, the supposed "return to form", what does he especially like?
Having rappers M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj on board was a shrewd move and they bring quality as well as credibility to their guest appearances.
So, having rap on Hard Candy was a mistake and a deviation from the brand, whereas the album shrewdly returns to what Madonna does best by, erm, having some rap on it.

To be fair, Gordon isn't really reviewing the album so much as playing a game of aural Catchphrase, listing what he can hear. Trying to capture a sense of a record is something Gordon does terribly badly - as well as MIA and Minaj being "on board", he also tells us that "William Orbit is back on board".

There's also this line:
Opener Gang Bang also follows the dubstep trend.
That might be the clumsiest thing The Sun has done since sliding fifty quid notes into policemen's tunic pockets.

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