Monday, March 12, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Pushing the Panther

What, exactly, is the link between Gordon Smart and unbroadcast comedy pilot Walk Like A Panther? He seldom misses a chance to go on about it; yesterday he had Sean Pertwee on his XFM show and got him to talk about his role in the programme; this generated a story which has gone into the paper today:

KASABIAN frontman Tom Meighan was so nervous making his acting debut he was sick before filming.
Speaking on my Xfm show yesterday, Sean Pertwee, his co-star in new comedy drama Walk Like A Panther, said:

"You have to admire Tom. It was intimidating for him joining experienced actors on a film set. He was great though."
Smart gives an awful lot of time and space to a programme that hasn't even been picked up by a broadcaster, doesn't he?

The piece ends on this optimistic note:
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Anonymous said...

I had no idea Le Smart was on XfM. Why is he?

simon h b said...

It's not the station it was, to be fair. The website currently has a feature about "women who rock" - who are, it seems, "ball-busters" - and a collection of "sexy" album covers.

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