Sunday, March 04, 2012

Noel Gallagher cherishes outdated musical shibboleth

It's perhaps no surprise that a man whose music is so resolutely backwards looking would want to bring back Top Of The Pops. Noel Gallagher misses it:

"It was a great British tradition to have Top of the Pops on a Thursday, and it gave you a chance to see what these people looked like who you were listening to on the radio, and we don't get that anymore. I would bring it back in a heartbeat."
Ah, yes, we know how much Noel loves the idea of a show which brings you into contact with different types of music, and bands you wouldn't normally seek out.

Why, remember how much he enjoyed the last Top Of The Pops which was made, for Christmas last year:
"Christmas Top of the Pops was ­dreadful," he said, according to the Sunday Mirror.

"Every song ­sounded like it came from the same field of music. There was a rap in there somewhere, everyone sang in a transatlantic soul voice and it was rubbish."
And yet he wants to watch that every Thursday night.

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Robin Carmody said...

Noel Gallagher really is the modern equivalent of those in 1964 who thought that the working class were betraying their noble history of struggle if they listened to anything other than brass band music.

The shame of it is that he is *still* taken seriously by, I think, more people than took those extreme Hoggartists seriously then - which says something about how much the culture-wars agenda and the ruling class's brilliant, cynical use of pop for their own purposes has succeeded in distancing the liberation music of oppressed peoples from mass tastes.

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