Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Keep quiet, friends of Tulisa

Gordon reports that Tulisa has learned the hard way:

Tulisa gags her new friends
I think this is meant to be a blowjob joke. It doesn't work, does it?

We're asked to believe that Tulisa is going to make any new friend sign a legal document to stop them sharing:
She has decided to gag any newcomers to her inner circle – friends and colleagues as well as boyfriends – to stop anything like the sex tape leaking out again.
This sounds somewhere between unlikely and unworkable - at what point would you judge someone has moved from acquaintance to intimate? If she gets on with the man who comes to fix her boiler, would the lawyer get a call at the point where she decides to break out the good biscuits?

Or would the signing happen before a social arrangement - a lunch or a quick drink? A pre-sup rather than a prenup?

Gordon doesn't seem to realise, if the story is true, it merely reinforces how he and his trade have so undermined people's privacy that a young woman no longer feels able to trust anyone, not even her own judgement.

And how does he know of this supposed attempt to block leaks coming from camp Contostavlos?
A source said...
Unclear if the source had signed a document forbidding them from revealing details of Tulisa's life.

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