Friday, April 06, 2012

The illustrated Friends: Shirley Bassey

This one's not, perhaps, the biggest challenge of the list. Shirley Bassey, star of one out of three of Tom Jones' anecdotes. I suspect there'll be a special edition of The Voice dedicated to just those.

So, what shall we go with? How about whisking ourselves back to one of the strangest periods of Saturday night light entertainment, when Mike Yarwood and Shirley Bassey had a perplexing slot-sharing agreement which saw their programmes alternate: one week it'd be unconvincing Denis Healey impersonations; the next - heralded by Shirley throwing shapes on a speedboat - it would be Bassey.

Here she's introduced by songwriter Rod McKuen - a man who seems convinced that his love of sheepdogs is some sort of matter of public record - belting out a heartbreaker:

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