Monday, April 09, 2012

The illustrated Friends: Terence Stamp

And so, with the bank holiday weekend nearly over, we reach the last of Adam Ant's friends. Terence Stamp - actor-turned-breadmaker; former flatmate of one of the other Friends (he shared with Michael Caine for a while); and voice of the Prophet Of Choice in Halo 3.

Interestingly, Stamp's Wikipedia entry makes no mention at all of his Terence Stamp wheat-free bread product range The Stamp Collection; it seems to have vanished in the last couple of years although you can still get cookbooks under the name.

What does get mentioned on Wikipedia - and, thus, repeated here - is Stamp's guest appearance in a Bright Eyes video. This one:

With which, I think that's job done. Thanks for following this over the weekend. Maybe one bank holiday weekend, I'll get really brave and try Hot Topic...

[Concluding the illustrated Friends]

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