Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Louis Tomlinson and a naked man - together at last

One out of One Direction being woken up by a naked man? Apparently it's a security issue. Or, rather, that's how Gordon tries to report it:

SHOCKED One Direction star Louis Tomlinson was woken in a hotel room at 5am — by a NAKED man trying to get in.
How close to this being an incident was this, Gordon?
Worried Louis, 20, peered through his door’s spy-hole after hearing a noise and was alarmed to see the starkers stranger in the corridor.
So the "attempt to get in" seems to be "tried the door handle". But was this a rabid fan, desperate to rub his naked loins against Louis Tomlinson's soft, peachy flesh?
And it wasn’t a fan
It wasn't?
but a drunk member of the public looking for a LOO.
In summary, then, the lead story this morning is 'drunk man gets disoriented in hotel, tries the wrong door'.