Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Mexican wave

Paul McCartney did a massive free gig in Mexico - quarter of a million turned up, which is quite a thing. Gordon was inspired:

Macca’s massive Mexican...
You can see at this point in the headline there was a scramble for the dictionary - "what's a word for 'gig' that starts with m?". After what was probably ten minutes or so of going "Mexican mmmm... mumble? merriment?", this was the result:
Macca’s massive Mexican mash-up

Still, I guess we should be thankful there wasn't any lazy Mexican stereotyping.
Sir Paul said: “It was quite emotional and exciting that people who might not be able to afford to come to our shows could come to this. It was like Beatlemania all over again.”

Except with a few sombreros and tortillas thrown in.
No stereotypes until the copy kicked in, that is.