Friday, May 11, 2012

MP3tunes driven into bankruptcy by EMI

Remember mp3tunes? It was an early online music locker of the sort that are becoming increasingly common these days. But it never took off, mainly because EMI spent a long time calling for them to be closed down, even after they'd been given an OK from the courts.

EMI will be happy now, though, as they've won their war of attrition. Mp3tunes have filed for protective bankruptcy.

Mp3tunes aren't happy:

"EMI spent an estimated $10 million dollars with multiple law firms to arm their attack against MP3tunes in an attempt to thwart unlicensed personal lockers," according to Robertson. "They know it's difficult if not impossible for startups to fight long costly legal battles... This happened with the music search engine Seeqpod, Muxtape, Favtape and many others that have quietly faded away."
EMI, naturally, are indicating they'd like to kick the corpse around a bit longer, and will pursue the lawsuit to prove something or other. Probably that EMI have no idea when to stop.

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