Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Gordon in the morning: People get older but some don't grow up

There's a charmless piece by Gordon this morning which gives the impression he's auditioning for the Daily Mail. Perhaps he doesn't think there's much of a future at The Sun.

Anyway, Gordon has noticed that Carrie Fisher is no longer the same age she was when she made Star Wars:

Carrie Fisher’s bod is far, far away from Star Wars heyday
I think it’s safe to say the gold bikini is tucked away for good now.
It's not just gratuitous, spiteful bile aimed at a woman for having the bad manners to get older, though. Gordon then starts to mumble about other women he fancied when he was a kid:
Who were your top three? Tweet @gordonsmart, text or email me.
That's right, the showbiz editor of Britain's biggest selling publication is now struggling to fill space so badly he's asking 'who did you think about when you dry-humped your pillow'? Clearly that extra day of operations is causing some strain.

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