Tuesday, May 08, 2012

George Michael:Not much faith in Leveson

George Michael has swung a Twitter bat at David Cameron and the Tories, and Rupert Murdoch, and... oh, everyone:

The singer made his remarks in a series of tweets on Tuesday morning, ranting about Rupert Murdoch, David Cameron, phone hacking, the Daily Mail and the allegedly "sham" system that he claims has failed to jail any journalist for criminal activities apart from the royal editor of the News of the World, five years ago.

Michael started his tweets 10am by criticising the Daily Mail for not covering remarks he made in defence of gay teenagers.

He then moved to Murdoch: "who btw, has been called 'unfit' to run a major media company by MPs. Understatement of the year?".

Then Michael laid into the Tories over two sequential tweets: "And it's so funny that the Conservatives in government are defending him! Trying to cover their arses when those lily white buttocks of theirs are already on display for the whole world to see. Cameron must be the most cowardly PM we've seen for decades."
To finish off, Michael claims that he'd been asked to appear at the Leveson enquiry but had turned them down.

It turns out this might have all the truth of Andre Ridgeley saying that he was invited to do his thing on Listen Without Prejudice - Volume One, but was too busy.

If you're asked to appear at Leveson, you have no choice but to appear; it's possible that Michael was given the opportunity to appear as a volunteer, but didn't; even so, that wouldn't have come from the Enquiry team.

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